Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Malaysia Today

To All Malaysians,

Please pay attention..

Nowadays all also need money. So if you don't have money. You shouldn't stay in this cruel world.

I/C lost Rm210, Full petrol for bike(Honda EX-5 only)Rm10, Eat per day Rm30/person(if you have gf then your burden will be more :D) and many more.... -.-"

Salary still the same.. why? boss answered coz fuel price up, foods price up, transport price up, courier service and any other services aso price gone up company doesn't have enought money to bare so much cost. Company couldn't BARE?
Then how bout us ? Son/Daughter(if married)? Car Loan(if have car)? House Rental/Loan (if any) Who will sympathy us as workers? Work over no OT. Work less get scold.